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Jet A1 is available at these locations

Where to find our premium aviation fuel

Airfuels supplies Jet A1, a kerosene grade of aviation fuel that is suitable for most jet turbine engine aircraft that can also be used for compatible diesel engine planes in general aviation.

The Airfuels Fuel Card

The Airfuels fuel card offers many benefits to general aviation businesses that need to refuel their aircraft frequently such as helicopter operators, medical and emergency services, charter and recreational flights, as well as surveying and agricultural aircraft operators.

Benefits of the Airfuels Fuel Card


Fast, convenient refuelling at locations throughout NZ


No minimum volume requirement to become a card holder.


Access to our convenient 24-hour self-service aerostops.


No additional card fees or transaction fees apply.

Aerostops FAQs

How many refuelling locations are there in your network?

We have 9 Aerostops, 7 in the North Island - Feilding, Whakatane, Te Kuiti, Taupo, Eltham, Raetihi and Rotorua.  2 in the South Island – Herbert and Kaikoura. See the map and exact locations here.

How much does your aviation fuel cost?

Depending on your annual volume, we can sign up a card use agreement giving you the best discount available.

Can I use credit cards at your Aerostops?

Unfortunately credit card payment is unavailable at our Aerostops, however coming soon will be the option to pay your monthly account by credit card. Get in touch if you would like to submit an application.

Do you take care of interplane refuelling?

As all our aerostops are unmanned, we do not offer interplane refuelling as a service.

If you would like to apply for an Airfuels fuel card, please get in touch with our friendly team. We are here to help and answer your questions.