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Reliable and cost-effective jet fuel delivery

Through our New Zealand-wide supply chain, we will keep your business moving with high-quality jet fuel. Our supply chain is capable of delivering to customers large and small, and our national scale in bulk fuel delivery allows us to provide competitively priced options that are tailored to meet your specific business needs.

We are committed to the health and safety of our people and our customers, which is why it is our priority to ensure safe delivery of fuel to your site.

We understand the logistics of getting the jet fuel where it needs to be and our knowledgeable team will go over and beyond to find a solution to meet your fuelling needs, wherever in New Zealand you may be.

We can also arrange the setup of a fuel tank for you. Talk to us about your needs, and if you meet the criteria, a mobile fuel storage option could be the right solution for you.

How important is your fuel quality?

If you have your own tank, our field technician will perform sampling and inspections every 3 months, making sure your fuel is free from water and contaminants.

Aviation Fuel Supply FAQs

Will you install fuel tanks on my property?

We can talk to you about tank installation or supply to your existing tank

Do you offer fuel drums?

Yes we can. Contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Can you help with emergency fuel supply?

Yes, we can. Please talk to us about your needs around emergency responsiveness and preparedness. We are here to help if you are active in Search & Rescue, Civil Emergency, or assisting with floods and/or bush fires.

How quickly can you deliver fuel?

There’s a few things that need to be checked off first.

How much does your aviation fuel cost?

This depends entirely on your annual use.

What are your payment terms?

Direct debit on the 20th of the month following.

Can you provide fuel for marine bulk and bunkering services?

Talk to us about the criteria needed for this service. Feel free to contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements.

Talk to us about your unique jet fuel storage requirements. We will do our best to tailor a solution that meets your needs.