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Fuelling Passion

Secure and reliable aviation fuel supply from Airfuels

Jet fuel you can count on

Airfuels Aero Stops and Fuel Tank Solutions

With unrivalled expertise and great passion for the fuel and aviation industry, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Aero Stop Locations

Take advantage of our aerostop locations nation-wide and apply for your Airfuels fuel card now.

Fuel supply

Since 2010, Airfuels has been a trusted supplier of Jet fuel and a range of aviation fuel storage tank solutions.

How we keep your aviation business flying

Airfuels supplies Jet A1, a kerosene grade of aviation fuel that is suitable for most jet turbine engine aircraft that can also be used for compatible diesel engine planes in general aviation.

Exceptional Service

Providing an outstanding service to customers throughout New Zealand.

North & South

Our Aerostop locations are located both in the North and South Island.

No Hidden Costs

No annual fees, card costs or transaction fees for the Airfuels fuel card.

Why choose Airfuels

Cost-effective and Reliable

Fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter operators across New Zealand know they can count on Airfuels for a reliable supply of jet fuel at the best possible price. With convenient aerostops across the country and customised tank solutions, Jet A1 fuel is available when you need it.

If there is no Airfuels aerostop near you, talk to us about your business and your needs. We may be able to provide a solution for you.